Welcome to Xcelerate Salon!

Located in the heart of Noe Valley, Xcelerate Salon has had its doors open for years. We are a full-service salon with a commitment to providing the best service to anybody who walks in through our door.

We are dedicated to showcasing your unique identity. Whether you're urban or suburban, traveled or local, exotic or simple, athletic or a homebody, bohemian or suit and tie; we can help you be whoever you want to be. To us every story is special, valuable, and every one worthy of Xceleration.

Xceleration is the affirmation of moving quickly, forward without resistance towards your desired destination. To Xcelerate is to be “in the flow”, accepting of new experiences, and open to curiosity and exploration of the world around us. To Xcelerate is to be adventurous, to run free, past fear and resistance, leaping into a state of Xhilaration: a state of pure joy.

We are committed to providing you with the latest hair techniques the industry has to offer. Our talent provides consistent performance with it’s extensive education background.

Xcelerate Salon and Barber

Our Biggest Goal?
Leaving The Salon Knowing You Look Your Best.